Source code for hidi.pipeline

from tqdm import tqdm

[docs]class Pipeline(object): """ Pipeline of transforms. Sequentially apply a list of transforms. All steps of the pipeline must be 'transforms', that is, they must implement transform method. The Pipeline abstraction is inspired by the SciKit Learn Pipeline abstraction. Takes a list of transform instances. """ def __init__(self, transformers): self.transformers = transformers self.fork_to = None self.fork_method = None def wrap_loop(self, to_iterate, progress): if progress: return tqdm(to_iterate, desc='Pipline Progress') return to_iterate
[docs] def add(self, transform): """ Add a transform to the pipeline. """ self.transformers.append(transform)
[docs] def run(self, io=None, progress=True, **kwargs): """ Executes the pipeline and returns the final result. Takes an optional io parameter that will serve as input to the initial transformer. """ for transformer in self.wrap_loop(self.transformers, progress): if io is not None: io, kwargs = transformer.transform(io, **kwargs) else: io, kwargs = transformer.transform(**kwargs) return io, kwargs